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Onar Corporate

Helping you make your clients dream bigger
Your brand, your business itself, whether it’s small or large, needs the guarantee to the success. Creating better brand awareness through your events, and deeper, meaningful, and honest connections with your clients and your teams, is what drives your values and your purpose. I know that myself, I empathise with your vision.
Whatever your corporate occasion may be, I know that every little detail should reverberate your brand and represent your ethos and your values. Every guest attending your event should feel that the experience is personal.

Hard work is something that I respect, value, and admire.

I want to help businesses to celebrate every achievement and success.


With ONAR Events, I will take your occasion to a different level. Apart from infusing the space and the elements with your brand personality, I will research inventive and innovative ways to not only make the guests engage and fully experience, but to present your business as a living organism that evolves, grows and commits to its clients.

I believe that by humanising the corporate culture, we can create a society where brands are more relatable by the customers and more ethically adjusted, forming impactful positive actions.

Taking notice of your company’s goals, needs and expectations and through strategic approach, with a list of credited suppliers, I will deliver an unforgettable experience.


Given my extensive experience in hospitality industry and event planning, I realise the impact of your event. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of organising events for clients such as PricewaterhouseCoopers Greece, Microsoft Greece and Unilever UK. Locations that I’ve worked with include Hilton Hotel Greece, Dorchester Hotel London and Grosvenor Hotel London.
For requesting a tailored quote for your event, please, fill out the corporate form on the contact page.