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Trends 2021 – The Social Perspective

Welcome back again!

On our last Onar blog post, we talked about the colour trends we will be seeing in 2021. In this blog post we will look trends from a different perspective; the social perspective. Over the last year, I overlooked the wedding and hospitality industry, as well as the media and the daily events that took place. It was a tough year, that challenged us, changed our perspective and made us re-evaluate a lot of our day to day basis behaviour.

With so many changes in a global scale, over such a long period of time, which is still on-going, our perspective on how to create and enjoy an event, has been affected as well. And clearly that affect both ends, not just the couples but the planners as well. Because it is an unforeseen force that drives to change our perspective on how to build and deliver a yet successful event, no matter the challenges we are called to face. And to be honest, not as easy to be skipped or altered, as when we had pre-Covid times.


Having said those, there are certain aspects people will be setting as “trends” for 2021, and probably for the next couple of years, as we are still affected by a global pandemic.

Those trends are:


Being inside, for so long, the next obvious thing is out and away! Short getaways and little escapes will be the next best thing. As destinations are still challenging and scary, small escapes and events by the sea, the countryside, or the deep forest in the region or country that you live in, is the golden ticket to give yourself and your guests a good treat! For those who are daring and brave, and the number in people is manageable, an elopement or an intimate wedding, is all you need; and the green light on the traffic light system of course!

And speaking of freedom, there are certain things I can give you some tips about. Make sure the venue of your choice has enough space to move freely. Choose places that minimise your restrictions on music. No one wants this party to end short! Let’s keep it going!


We all got used to the comfort of our home, even those who worked from home. We got used to cook at home that we got comfortable in cooking simple, yet good homemade delicious food. We got comfortable in wearing simple, comfortable clothes, whilst still taking care of ourselves into looking nice. We all got so comfortable that we realised there is no point in complicating things.

And this comfort will be showing in the events. Put effort on the important things; on your time with your guests. A simple yet elegant dress, a classy simple suit, or alternatively fancy clothing that don’t have to scream wedding attire, but still making a statement of a day, that’s one of a kind. And like yourselves, don’t overdress or decorate your venue. Minimalism is the new gold as little is more! Pay attention to little details that will be your signature on the day. They will portray your personality and your style much better.

And as a Greek, needless to say that food should be comfortable. From my experience, a chef’s best food is the one that is cooked for the body and the soul, not an Insta Story/Feed. Serve to your guests, local recipes especially if your are abroad. Think of homemade recipes, with gastronomic finesse.


And whilst I am here, continuing with the food, there is no better intimacy than a celebration around the table full of loved faces. Food connects people. Think about all these seasonal celebrations with your family. Make your event that kind of celebration. Bring that intimate feeling to your event with the choice of guest you bring to your table.

If there is something the last year has shown us, is that we should value every moment and every day of our lives, filling them with love, laughter and joy.


And while we talk about loved ones, there is no better time to think of their safety. Needles to say that, whether it was pre-Covid or post-Covid event, safety should always be number one priority. Choose a venue that will put your guests and their time to enjoy themselves first. Consult your catering regarding your guests allergies and preferences. Consider any special needs they might have and share them especially with your planner, as those small gestures of care and consideration, speak volumes.


That is the word that should be dressing everything on that day! Feel special as it is your special day! Treat your guests as specials because they are there to celebrate you. Create a special event, by adding small details, sometimes hidden in plain sight, that give an ultimate sensation to an intimate gathering. I personally like to add small details in a space, as they work subconsciously for a better engagement between the guest and the experience of the event.

As we move closer towards the end of the tunnel and each we get closer to that light out of this pandemic situation, I come to realise that we can be thankful for that change of mindset that makes us re-evaluate and appreciate the beauty and the power of an event. Your wedding day, whether is filled with a large or a small group of people, will be more personally tailored and more experience oriented.

Getting in touch with me, and we will find out together how we can enhance your wedding day into a better experience for everyone!