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The Onar Blog

Hello there, and pleasure to have you here!

My name is Leonidas, but please feel free to call me Leo. I am the creator and owner of Onar Events. Onar is the equivalent of the English word dream. And what would a dream be, if not imaginative, creative, extravagant, ethereal, or you name it. This is the element what I am here to provide you with.

You being here, might be due to a number of reasons, you are looking to get engaged, married, create an event for your business or throw a party to celebrate a special moment. So you find yourselves inquiring for your ideal designer- planner that will click to you and help you create your magical and unique in your own way event.

So, to give you a brief idea of what´s to come, we will be brainstorming the different aspects of your special event. Take into consideration tips, advices, trends, we will see an introduction of destinations, venues and suppliers; and hopefully though that, I will be able to answer the questions that typically pop up, when you think of organising an event, or even better, ideas to improve and create.

In that note, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.