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UK - Greece - International
οnar = ὄναρ
/on’-ar/ • (ónar) < αρχ. (ancient greek) | (τό)’ ὄνειρο | (the) dream
1. a vision during sleep | 2. anything imaginative

Vision, senses & emotions connected through creativity, into an unparalleled experience.

Helping stargazing, passionate explorers, and empowering visionairy brands achieve their dreams in captivating settings. London-based boutique events and destination weddings studio. Here at onar events, I don’t just plan your event. From conception to completion I will:
Create magic with YOU, for YOU
Produce elegant events
Find innovative ideas
Deliver graceful weddings and parties
Create memories and experiences
Enhance unconditional love
Create meaningful and long-lasting connections
Empower your brand
Promote and celebrate success at enchanting sceneries


Create magic with YOU, for YOU


My name is Leonidas.

Based in London, my Greek heritage, my academic and my professional background are the foundation to launching Onar Events, a boutique studio for events and destination weddings.
I aspire to provide tailor-designed, mindful, inclusive events that bring authenticity, soulmoving experiences with endless creativity, a sense of adventure and meaningful luxuries. Finding the balance in contradictions is when you find yourself creating unique, aspirational paths!

onar blog

Whether you are about to have an event and you look for some inspiration; ideas on queries you might have; or simply just to scroll down and read some life experiences, then you are definitely in the right place.

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